“God Uses ALL Things For Good!” 🙌

As we are in the midst of unknown and unchartered waters, there are blessings in the midst of “the storm.” God is present, alive, and moving among us…we just need to be intentional to see Him. We are called to “fear not” and to “trust in Him.” Trust that the Creator of the universe in bigger than the coronavirus; that He is more powerful than any illness; that He is faithful to His promises; that He is at work in our hurting world; that when it doesn’t seem like there is a solution to our problems He is faithful in providing a way; and that He loves us all very deeply!! Every single one of us!!! We are His beloved sons and daughters ❤️

He is not the author of evil, sickness, pain, division, or heartache. We live in a broken world, filled with broken things. But fortunately God doesn’t leave us here abandoned or forsaken. He is PRESENT…ALWAYS!! In the middle of the “storm” He provides blessings, peace, comfort, strength, wisdom, and yes…even the ability to have joy.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28 (NIV)

Looking at the upcoming changes in our daily worlds, I see it overflowing with God’s blessings, and I’m choosing to embracing them 😁

– spending more time together as a family

– slowing down from a hectic and fast paced existence

– being intentional about reaching out to our neighbors and those in need

– facebook posts that have shifted from arguing and division, to sharing ways and ideas that we can help each other

– making hygiene and our health a priority

– getting outside, enjoying nature, and moving our bodies

– sharing ways to show love and support to residents of nursing homes, local food pantries, and coming together as a community

– communities being intentional about supporting local small businesses

– people who are financially able are donating money to help pay people’s salaries

– having the opportunity to clean out some of the things we no longer need/use and share them with those who can use them

– having the chance to get to do some of the things on our “to do” lists that we haven’t had the time to do

I am not in denial of the challenges, heartbreak, and fear that is so rampant among us. But for my own sanity, well being, and the sanity of my family I need to choose to see the good that is in the midst of the trial.

I trust in the One who is ultimately in control…and the only One who has the true power to halt this disease in its tracks. So to that I take my weighted heart to God in prayer…and do my best to leave it there…and rest in Him.

I am continually praying…

– for all aspects of the coronavirus and all the situations arising from it.

– that God and God alone has the power to stop coved-19 in its tracks. You are greater Lord Jesus…trusting in You!

– for God’s peace and comfort to wash over us all and to lift our fears and worries. He tells us to “fear not” and to “cast our cares on Him.” Prayers that we can do that and trust that He will have us through the unknown days ahead.

– for God’s healing hand to be on all those who currently have the coronavirus. That He brings healing and restoration to their bodies.

– for the health, wellbeing, healing, and protection for us all.

– for God’s extra hand of protection on those with increased health risks…the elderly and the immune compromised. Also with those who are pregnant and due to deliver during this time.

– for those in quarantine and for those living alone at this time. Protect them from loneliness…and help them to know that they are never truly alone and to feel Your loving presence right there beside them.

– that God’s hand is with all our leaders (locally, nationally, and globally) giving them wisdom and guidance on how to address all the rising issues pertaining to covid-19.

– that God is with the scientists that are working on finding a cure, and a way to treat and slow down the spread of coved-19

– for the provision of all necessary medial supplies…trusting in you Lord God to make a way

– for all the medical staff…that God keeps them and their families safe, healthy, and protected from this virus

– that God is with the economy and that we get through this without any long lasting negative affects…You are able Lord God!🙌

– for the financial provision for all those whose jobs and businesses are being affected. That God provides a way, support, and relief. You Lord God know every individuals need and situation. Trusting in You to provide!

– for all the small businesses. That God provides ways for them to stay afloat during this time

– for those in need. I pray Lord Jesus for the needs to be made known, and for us to be able to be Your hands and feet to meet those needs.

– for child care provision for those who need it, and for the protection of child care workers

– for protection for all the grocery store workers, truck drivers, and delivery employees that are proving a way for us to have food

– for all the families together at this time…let this be a time of unity that is filled with blessings. That the families are protected from stress and heightened frustrations. Protection also from any and all forms of abuse.

– for all the families with little kids whose routines and worlds have been turned upside down. That they have peace during this shift in their routines. I especially lift children with special needs whose routines are so important. Be with their parents giving them wisdom, patience, and guidance. That the kids are able to see this as a “fun time with family” verse a time of worry, concern, or fear.

– for the “homeschooling” of kids. That God’s hand is with the teachers and students as they adjust to this new way of doing school. Also be with the parents…giving them wisdom and patience as they support their kids in this new way of learning.

– for all the youth and college athletes whose sports seasons were ended early…or were never able to get started. That they are able to find peace in the midst of their the heartbreak.

– for all the high school and college seniors whose final year is not looking at all like they thought it would be. Comfort them Lord God.

– for the Church…that we are able to be a beacon of light during this dark time. That more people will tune in to a church service on-line than would maybe attend a church service in person. That as a nation we turn to You Lord God, seek Your healing hand, turn to Your Word for peace, comfort, and strength, and find true rest in You. What Satan meant for evil, God can use for good!🙌🙌

– that You are present Lord God and in the midst You are working all things together for Your good…even when we may not feel that way. Trusting in you Lord Jesus!

Please join me in “praying without ceasing,”
‭‭1 Thessalonians‬ ‭5:17‬ ‭ESV‬‬

With so many things happening that we have no control over, I find peace and comfort lifting the needs to the One who has control.

My heart is also lifted seeing God at work during these challenging times! He is ALWAYS present, He is with us, reaching out an outstretched hand…we just need to take hold of it and let Him lead us. That we trust in Him, that He is for us and not against us, and that He uses ALL THINGS FOR GOOD…even the coronavirus 🙌

So let’s “FEAR NOT”… let’s focus on the good…trust that God is in control, embrace time together with our families…turn off the news…and allow our hearts to find true peace and rest in the Author of all things good!!

God is good…He is faithful…and He’s got us!!!

“Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7 (NLT)

How can I be specifically praying for you and your family during this time? You can either leave a comment below or message me privately. It would be my honor and privilege to lift any of your needs.

Wishing you a blessed and beautiful day as you embrace God’s presence within your day 🙌😁

Falling Into the New Year! ;)

Completed Manger Scene

I hope that you all had a blessed and beautiful holiday season!! Mine was blessed…but not in the way you would think. I had an unfortunate accident happen on Christmas Eve, but thankfully God uses all things for good!! 🙌🙌 I ushered in Christmas in the ER. I’m okay, but my injury has been enough to sideline me for a bit. Just enough to have me evaluate how and why my accident happen, and for it to be enough of a red flag to get my attention and accept that I need to do things differently.

Here’s the backstory…

There are people that are organized, ahead of the game, and on top of things. That is not me!! 😉 Never has been! Even back in high school. I am a work in progress and I have improved in many areas over the years…but still have lots of room for improvement. Traditionally the holidays have proven to be a struggle for me to get done what needs to get done…in a non-frazzled crazy state 😉 I was aware that “my ways” were not healthy or productive…and certainly not how Jesus intended for us to celebrate the gift of life and salvation that He came to bring. A couple of years ago, in an attempt to prepare for the Christmas season with a healthy heart and mindset, I asked (“interviewed”) those I knew “How do you do Christmas?” I was looking to learn new ways to balance the things that needed to be done, with having a heart posture of peace, calmness, gratitude and thanksgiving focused on the One we were celebrating. Those conversations were very helpful to me. Awareness and knowledge are always the first steps towards implementing change. Then comes the biggie…application! 😁 I have adopted some of the tips and approaches that I learned from those I “interviewed” a few years ago. But this Christmas…the wheels came off…and I was in denial as the wheels were coming off…one…by…one.

This year was different…and many seemed to be in agreement with me on that one. Thanksgiving being so late certainly delayed (and shortened) the Christmas preparation time. Another challenge for me was that my schedule had changed these last few months, and I had yet to figure out a new routine that was efficient. Our family also endured the heartbreak of the failing health and then passing of one that was dearly loved by many. This didn’t help with “getting into the Christmas spirit.” I turned to God, devotions, scripture and prayer to right my struggling heart. I’m grateful to say that I was able to find, as well as experience, the Joy of Jesus this Christmas. However the Christmas “to do” list still haunted me.

On the journey towards restoring my health, I have learned the importance of quality sleep and stress management. Ignoring these things, and not giving them the attention they deserve, can take an incredibly negative toll on your health. Unfortunately over the years I have not prioritized the necessity of quality sleep. I have tried, but I always fall short. Completed tasks and going to bed organized always steels minutes (which turns into hours) of my sleep. This December was no different…and I could see it coming…but I just ignored it. I knew that I was in a perpetual state of “racing”…both physically and mentally. Literally racing from one place to the next…racing from one task to the next…and mentally racing in my thoughts with all the other things that needed to be done. I could hear God’s warnings…which I ignored. My thought was that I would get my act together and get back on track after I “got through” the holidays. For the first time in my entire life I actually couldn’t wait for Christmas to come and go…so that I could rest. Now I KNOW that is NOT how God intended for us to feel about celebrating the pure, perfect, and ultimate gift that He sent for us.

So…back to Christmas Eve. We had had a lovely evening celebrating Christmas with my family. We were back home…and I was figuring out when I was going to do the final things I had left. I’d finish frosting the remainder of the sugar cookies, hang up the stockings, put together the manger (cuz you can’t have Christmas without that), then go to bed. I still had the presents to wrap, but I could get up early to wrap, since my teenage boys sleep in these days I’d have time in the morning to do that. Seemed like a doable plan…in my book. I had finished the cookies, hung the stockings, put up the manger scene, puts lights around them, stepped back to see if the lights needed adjusting…and didn’t realized that I stepped backwards onto our dog’s toy (about the size of a soccer ball) and fell backwards with my ribs hitting the corner of our end table. NOT GOOD!! And definitely DID NOT work into my plan!! Fortunately my family was still up…I called the boys up from the basement and they got my husband who was upstairs wrapping presents. So at 11:30pm on Christmas Eve, my husband and I were on the way to the emergency room. Fortunately my ribs were not broken…which I thought for sure they were. I was diagnosed with a “chest wall contusion”…which has not been fun…but like I said at the start of this post…God uses all things for good!! 🙌🙌

Not being able to do anything has been a serious growing moment for me!

Causing me to reflect on how I do things

…notice red flags

…wave my white flag in surrender

…submit to God’s warnings

…and accept that His ways are best

…He knows best

…and trust that He will teach me His ways

…I just need to pause loving enough to hear His still, gentle, calm, leading voice.

So I figured I bring you along in this journey as I continue to work on restoring my health. Developing any new patterns, habits, and health lifestyle choices takes being intentional and it takes effort. What are your greatest struggles that you are hoping to work through in the New Year. Feel free to share in the comments below. We can help each other along…that’s what friends are for!! 😁

The guilty culprit toy I stepped on…that has since been moved to being an “outdoor toy” 😉

(And one more thing…GO BILLS!!!:))🏈

The Struggle is Real!!

The holidays are such a special time of year!! They have always held a very special place in my heart my whole life. As a kid there was of coarse the magic of Christmas. As a teenager it was more about the pure joy, laughter, and special moments that came from spending time with family. As an adult I finally started to “get” the actual meaning of Christmas. That God loves us more than we could ever imagine…and on Christmas we celebrate that God put into action a plan to reconcile His treasured broken people to Him for eternity with the birth of His Son!! That’s a pretty cool thing worth celebrating!!

The holidays are filled with so many special traditions that help us celebrate this occasion. Food is a big part of these traditions and celebrations. Meals gathered with friends and family…and of course all the delicious cookies and treats!! For those walking through a healing diet, this can be a struggle on a variety of levels. I’m here to tell you that you are not alone…I am and have been there!! But here’s the good news…there are tools that you can put in your tool box to help you out a bit.

For a little backstory…sweets are my weakness…specifically cookies and brownies. I am happy to say that after adopting the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) my sugar cravings have drastically decreased! I don’t crave sugar very often…which is a HUGE win!! When I do there are AIP options that I have.

All that being said…I have in fact been struggling this holiday season. Some situations or seasons can be harder than others…and the holidays always seem to have lots of extra temptations. More gatherings…more indulgences…and not to mention factoring in the emotional and sentimental connections with so many of these foods.

So I thought I would share with you some of the tools in my toolbox…

1) Mindset…understanding and remembering your “why behind your what!” This is your greatest tool!! It helps you to feel empowered verses deprived. I’m going to be honest here…I have been struggling with this recently. Forgetting the “why” and feeling a bit sorry for myself. “I just want to eat what everyone else is eating”…”I just want to enjoy the holidays and eat whatever I want.” And last night…I caved…and ate a couple things that aren’t great for me. The fortunate thing was that I only ate a little bit…so the negative response from it was just “a little bit”…but it was enough to remind me of my “why behind my what.” Feeling healthy, free of aches and pains, being clear headed, and energized is enough to motivate me to pass on the temptations that come my way.

2) Have AIP compliant things on hand for whatever might cause you to stumble. For me it’s cookies!! I need to be careful not have too much on hand, or else I’ll eat too many 😉 My favorite one stop shop to get AIP compliant things is http://www.shopaip.com. They are an on-line non-perishable AIP compliant site…for both elimination phase as well as reintroduction phase products. Some of my favorite AIP “treats”…Jack’s Paleo Kitchen cookies!!! These are fantastic!! Their ginger molasses, cinnamon raisin, and snickerdoodle are all AIP compliant. I also really like Roots tigernut butter…it’s a great substitute for peanut butter, which is something I also crave. It’s pricey so I don’t always get it…but it is definitely a nice treat! The Paleo Angel Power Balls are also really good. My personal favorites are the carob fudge cake, vanilla, and orange cranberry. Finding something that will carry you over when the cravings set in is a huge help!

3) Have a plan! The circumstances of each gathering dictate how I approach it. When I’m gathering with close family I typically just bring my own meal. I don’t want anyone to worry about trying to accommodate me. It’s easy and that works! Another option is bringing a dish to contribute that you know you too can eat. At other gatherings I typically just eat the obviously “safe” things…veggies, fruit, things like that. Depending on the time that the gathering is at, I might have a snack before hand, or just eat when I get home. If we are far from home, I might pack a couple things to eat in the car. My “go to” car food is typically Epic bars (bison or beef), or Chomps sea salt beef sticks, cut raw veggies, mini guacamole cups, plantain chips, and fruit.

And last, but certainly not least…

4) Remember, embrace, and focus on the blessing and joy of the people you are gathering with!! Whether you are eating the same food or not…it is ALWAYS a blessing to gather with those you love!!

Let me know if there is anyway that I can help you!! If there is a particular area that you are struggling with, or just looking for health information in general. I am here to help you find your restored health!!

Stay strong!! You and your health are worth the wise…and often difficult choices!!  I am so grateful that when I am weak, Christ within me is stronger than I can ever be on my own!! He is so good and equips us when we are weak! 

Wishing you and your family a blessed and beautiful holiday season!!

The Story of Restoring My Health…

Hi…I’m Beth 😁 I figured a good place to start was to share my personal story…what my health issues have been, how I stumbled upon the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) and why I am passionate to help others find the restored health that I have been experiencing. Seeing as how my story has been unfolding over the past 35+ years, starting all the way back in middle school, this post will probably be a bit long 😉 So get cozy…and read on!

As they say, hindsight is 20/20…and that is definitely the case regarding my health journey . When I look back now, knowing what I now know, things seem so clear. But as I was walking through it, it was just a lot of question marks and unanswered questions.

My ailments first started back in middle school with feeling nauseous pretty consistently. I often missed school because of it. It happened so often that I think my parents probably thought I was faking feeling sick to get out of going to school. 😉 I wouldn’t blame them if they thought that. They took me to see the doctor…his diagnosis…”stress.” As a girl going through middle school, he probably figured it was a stressful stage in my life. His treatment plan…eat smaller meals more frequently, and have saltines with you in your backpack. 🤦‍♀️

Fast forward to the age of 16, my hands started to turn blue and white, and would loose circulation. I was diagnosed with Raynaud’s, which is a circulation issue that presented itself in my hands, feet, and even my nose as I got older. Thank goodness for makeup that would keep that from being too noticeable! 😉 The Raynaud’s episodes would be triggered by a variety of things. A cold environment (which was tricky considering I live in the Buffalo, NY area!), change in temperature…such as going into an air conditioned area after being in the heat, touching anything cold…even just a glass of water, eating something cold, or just being cold in general would trigger it. It was typical for me to be chilled, with my hands being blue, for the first 2-3 hours of each day until I would “thaw.”. 🥶 Think back to when you were a kid, played outside too long, and you were so cold that your hands were in pain. That’s what these episodes were like. This was annoying, and painful, but it was “my normal”…so I got used to it. I’d wear layers and a fleece jacket around the house, sometimes even a hat to try to keep the warmth in. I did try blood thinners for a bit in my 20s…but ultimately I wasn’t comfortable with taking those. So I stopped that, and just accepted “my normal.” I was never told that Raynaud’s is an autoimmune condition, nor did I even know what autoimmune was until a few years ago…even though I had been living with it for over 30 years!

All though high school and college, my nauseousness continued. I was always stocked with a BJ’s size bottle of Pepto Bismol. Again, this was “my normal.” In my 20s my digestion issues increased, and there was a period that I lost significantly too much weight in a very short period of time. After a variety of doctor appointments and tests, I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). The doctor’s recommendation…try avoiding tomato based products and sauces. Considering that my diet at the time was mainly pasta with red sauce, pizza, and chicken wraps with salsa…this seemed like it may have been a logical contributor. Again, IBS is another autoimmune condition…but I was never told this.

Over the next decade my digestion issues continued, even with trying to avoid tomato sauces products. I was still consistently nauseous…but now relying on Tums instead of Pepto Bismol. 😉 I had chronic abdominal pain, abdominal discomfort, and extreme bloating. I ended most evenings eating a sleeve of crackers to help settle my stomach. Still, this was “my normal”…and I just accepted it as such. It didn’t halt my world…just an annoying, frustrating thing that I accepted.

My health took a new twist while I was out of town with my sister-in-law. In the middle of the night I was so sick, she had to take me to the emergency room. I couldn’t even walk…I literally crawled through the halls of the hotel 🙈 The doctor was assuming it was gallstones, however upon having an ultrasound, it showed nothing was there. This was the beginning of a long process to unravel this mystery. I would have frequent “gallbladder attacks”…but never any gallstones. After further testing, it was discovered that I had a “low functioning gallbladder.” The guidelines suggest to remove the gallbladder if it functions at 30% or less…mine was around 27%. So I was scheduled for surgery, but I was still uncertain if this was the right choice. I was beginning to do some research and was seeing that some people were able to resolve their gallbladder issues holistically. I was intrigued….🤔 I was very prayerful about this…asking God for guidance and wisdom as to what to do. At this point my most problematic foods (to my knowledge at the time) were high fat foods. Generally I would feel my worst after eating indulgent meals. I was struggling with the idea of removing one of my organs so that I could eat pizza, french fries, and ice cream without feeling sick. 😉 Since I wasn’t at risk of having an obstruction, because there were no gallstones, I decided to give the holistic approach a try. This was how I began working to address my health ailments holistically! 🙌🙌 (Spoiler alert…all these years later I do still have my gallbladder, and I can get lots of healthy fats without feeling sick!!🙌🙌)

That was well over a decade ago…and I have navigated through a variety of approaches over the years. I tried different nutritional things targeted to strengthen my gallbladder and detox my liver. Many different supplements too! Supplements were appealing to me because, to be honest, I couldn’t cook at the time🤦‍♀️ So I was intimated at the prospect of getting the nutrients I needed from food. Supplements seemed like a perfect solution to address my health issues. All of these things helped my gallbladder and nauseousness go from chronic to “on and off.” I was finding improvement, and I was happy with that.

In the summer of 2015 our family was on a vacation with our extended family. We were at a destination special to all of us that we had been to before and absolutely loved being there tohgether!! 💕 As a lovely bonus, the food there…at every restaurant on the island…was hands down the best food we had ever had! Four days into our 2 week vacation, I had a bad gallbladder attack 😩 I spent the rest of the trip missing out on dinners and eating turkey sandwiches, crackers, and pretzel chips. Not fun…and not ideal!!

This was a turning point for me…I thought in one direction…but God had a different plan for me. I was frustrated and feeling done with trying to heal my low functioning gallbladder, I just wanted it removed! When we got home from our trip I went to see my chiropractor…in a last ditch effort just to see if possibly aligning my back could help some…before scheduling the surgery. I was thinking maybe there were nerves that were being compromised and not able to work as they should, which was hindering my gallbladder’s ability to function fully. My chiropractor talked to me about a nutrition program and explained to me about health on a cellular level. This was all new information to me! He shared how certain foods create inflammation in our bodies on the cellular level. This impedes the cells ability to function as it should, and it also hinders its ability to connect with other cells, which then interferes with a variety of our body functions. The biggest culprits…sugar, grains, and dairy! Well…grains and sugars were basically the foundation of my diet. I had already cut back on dairy prior to this point. I was mainly focused on “low fat”….not realizing that what I thought were “healthy” choices were still contributing negatively to my health.

So I began with his program that was a “candida cleanse,” which is basically a detox of sorts. It was about eating real, unprocessed food…which was very new to me! Remember…I didn’t know how to cook. This program came with recipes…which was very helpful! I started with baby steps…and I was definitely figuring things out along the way. Shortly after starting this nutrition program, I came across Danielle Walker (aka “Against All Grain”). She was critical to my success in the world of learning how to cook!! She has online videos, amazing recipes, and cookbooks that explain things so clearly…which was great for the “cooking challenged” like myself! I was suddenly making delicious meals that ended up looking just like the pictures in the cookbook!! A serious win!! 🙌🙌

Around this same time some other puzzle pieces regarding my health came together, thanks to the holistic mindset and approach of my dentist. She was the first to mention to me about the possibility of having Sjogrens (another autoimmune condition!) because of my severe dry mouth. A few months later my eye doctor also mentioned Sjogrens to me. Bloodwork then confirmed that I did in fact have the antibodies for Sjogrens. I had been having the symptoms of Sjogrens for decades…just with out a diagnosed. Sjogrens is a lack of moisture in your glands and your body that affect various aspects of your health, including your organs being able to function properly (can you say gallbladder issues 😉), achy joints, and a variety of other issues.

I spent about 2 years following Paleo, and I did see significant improvements in my health!! My digestion was better than it had been my whole life!! Except of coarse when I would slip back and eat something I shouldn’t…and my symptoms would return. Even though it may have been disappointing to step backward, it ultimately confirmed that I was on the right path.

The first I had heard the term autoimmune was when I was originally working with my chiropractor and following his nutrition program…and this was the first I had heard about the prospect of reversing autoimmune symptoms. After 2 years of following Paleo, my digestion was significantly better, but I was still dealing with consistent Raynaud’s episodes, and Sjogrens symptoms.

It was at this time that I came across The Whole30 program…which falls under the umbrella of Paleo. It is a sugar detox and “reset” for your body. It is an elimination style program and removes all sources of inflammatory foods for 30 days. Once your body has settled down, you gradually start to reintroduce the “gray” area foods…foods that have nutritional value, but can be problematic for some people. As you reintroduce these foods, you will then be able to tell which specific foods are personally an issue for you. It was upon reading the Whole30 book, that I literally stumbled upon The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). There was a section towards the back of the book that said those with autoimmune conditions should consider eliminating a couple other categories of food. Hummm….again I was intrigued. 🤔

After walking this holistic journey for so long…trying one thing after another…my thought was “what do I have to loose!” My Raynaud’s and Sjogrens were part of who I was…they were “my normal.” They were not life halting autoimmune conditions, and there are many autoimmune conditions that are. Yes, my symptoms were annoying and frustrating…but they were tolerable. However the idea of being able to reverse those symptoms was rather enticing! And so I began The Autoimmune Protocol!!

That was November 1, 2017. It has been an up and down journey, figuring things out as I went along. I am happy to say that the health issues I had had for over 35 years have significant diminished!! My Raynaud’s episodes are significantly less frequent. When I do have an episode it doesn’t last as long and it isn’t as intense!! That’s a big win!! Regarding Sjogrens, I too have seen significant improves there as well!! I will say, I am not perfect in following AIP. I eat things I shouldn’t at times. Due to the healing of my gut, I am better able to handle the occasional “slip.” However if I indulge too much, my symptoms come back. That again just validates I’m on the right path with my healing choices!!

I feel like the years of my “wandering in the desert”…making health choices that I thought were beneficial, but were actually harmful…was a frustrating time. Wanting to do right, trying to do right, but because of a lack of true knowledge, I was walking in the dark. So my passion is to help shine the light of nutritional truths to those walking with autoimmune conditions and chronic health issues. I have spent time taking classes, attending workshops, and acquiring knowledge on how God has designed our bodies to work. I have been learning the different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients our cells, body systems, and organs need to thrive. I’m not trying to “out do God” or “play God”…I am simply trying to honor God by honoring the body He gave me…and working with God by giving my body what it needs to thrive. Societally speaking, we are so confused regarding nutrition and our health. I’m just hoping to pass along some of the clarity that I have learned…and am still learning.

Thanks for hanging in there for this long story!! 😉 I just wanted to give the “backstory” as to why I am here, hoping to help others. 💕 Even though my autoimmune conditions were not life altering, many autoimmune conditions are. The beautiful thing about The Autoimmune Protocol is that it can bring the same healing across the board, regardless of your specific autoimmune condition…and that’s a good thing!! 🙌

Have a blessed and beautiful day!

Beth 😘

Social Media Links :)

For those that know me, I am fairly new to the world of social media…so again, your patience is appreciated as I learn how to navigate through this 😉

I have set up a “Restoring Health with AIP” Instagram page and Facebook page. I have a little bit of experience with Facebook, but Instagram is completely new to me. I’m basically learning as I go…and as with anything new, there is a “learning curve.” I’m all about the learning curve!! Love the process of “failing forward towards success” 🙂

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Have a blessed and beautiful day!!

Love, Beth 🙂

Housekeeping Things…

I am so grateful to have you along on this journey! Thanks for checking it!

Just a couple pieces of “business”…

The first I wanted to point out is that there will be advertising on my blog that I have no part in. It is all done through WordPress, so don’t assume that something you see on my blog is an article or product that I am endorsing.

I also wanted to point out that by nature I am not naturally skilled in the world of technology…so be patient with me as I grow in this department! 😉 I entered the blogging world reluctantly…but now feel up for the challenge and am embracing learning this new skill!

I do have a list going of all the things I’m planning on sharing here. Please let me know in the comments section below if there is a particular topic you are interested in…it might get bumped up on the priority list if there is a specific interest 😉

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Wishing you all a blessed and beautiful day!

Love, Beth 🙂

Welcome to Restoring Health with AIP!!

The AIP Health & Wellness Forum

Hello! My name is Beth, and I am the founder of Restoring Health with AIP, the health & wellness forum dedicated to providing guidance, resources, tips and support regarding the Autoimmune Protocol, also know as “AIP.”

AIP is a modified version of the Paleo Diet, and is specifically designed to help reduce inflammation in the body and to alleviate the symptoms associated with all autoimmune conditions, as well as other chronic illnesses. If you’re looking to restore health and wellness into your life, I urge you to consider pursuing nutrition and lifestyle choices with AIP.

I personally have 3 diagnosed autoimmune conditions, along with a number of other random quirky symptoms that have never been diagnosed or explained…they have simply been my “normal.” After adopting the Autoimmune Protocol I experienced such a substantial reduction in my autoimmune symptoms, as well as my “quirky normal” symptoms, that I had to get the word out! Some of the symptoms I have had for over 30 years!! I had been trying to address health issues naturally for over a decade. I did see improvements in some areas, but not across the board. AIP was the missing link that took my healing to the next level, and helped me to understand what foods by body needed and why…and how my lifestyle choices were affecting my health.

For me, my AIP journey has repeatedly pointed me back to God and His perfect design! He created our bodies in such a way that our organs, body systems, and hormones thrive when supplied with certain nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. And our bodies struggle when missing these nutrients. God is so good…and He always provides!! All of the exact nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that our bodies need can be found in all the “God food” He has provided for us in abundance through vegetables, fruits, animal meat, poultry, and seafood! How cool is that!!

I am still learning, growing, and fine tuning how AIP looks in my day to day life. But I figured I would bring you along on my journey, as I myself continue to learn.

Here I will share tips and resources for implementing the Paleo/AIP guidelines…in the hopes of helping you to move towards improving your own chronic health challenges such as autoimmune conditions, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, thyroid conditions, and many more. The Autoimmune Protocol isn’t just about healing and reversing the current negative health symptoms in our lives, it is also about being proactive toward our future health. AIP at it’s core is about regulating your immune system, healing your gut, and balancing out your hormones…which all leads to a healthier you!!

I’m so excited to be using this blog as a way to connect, communicate, answer questions, share ideas, recipes, tips…and to just generally help support others onto a path of improved health!! 

Looking forward to learning and growing along side all of you! Wishing you a blessed and beautiful day!!